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Solidaridad con el Sur SOLIDASUR

Solidasur is a colombian non profit organization funded before 16 years. We work in enviroment conservation, empowerment local communities and agriculture in the Amazonas, Andes , Pacific and Caribe zones . We offer volunteer opportunities and high impact learning

We believe everyone has something valuable to contribute if they are given the chance.
Our Values:
* First the communities
*Passion and Oppennes
*Inclusive Teams
*Hight standards

We have worked in different programs with the main colombian universities : Javeriana University, Nacional University, Valle University and many foundations partners.

Our Activities

What We Need


- Maintenance of the Demonstration Garden
- Cleaning the weed land
- Reforestation with Native Amazon Trees
- Basic English classes for young people in the Indian community
- Community manager for faceboo, twiter and google +
- Repair of communal house
- Furniture repair

Our Conservation Environment Project in Colombia is based deep in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Volunteers stay at the 4.106,9 hectare Yahuarcaca Ecological Reserve. This project offers you the chance of a lifetime to visit and help preserve the most diverse ecosystem on the planet! Yahuarcaca you will get to take part in exciting activity. This has recently been recognised like World Heritage Wetlands .
Yahuarcaca has 3 big indigenous reserves (Ticunas, Kokamas and Huitotos with 8 communities: S. Antonio de los Lagos (Ticuna people), San Pedro de los Lagos (Ticuna people), San Juan de los Parentes (Ticuna people), San Sebastian (Ticuna people), La Playa (Ticuna-Kokama people), Kilometro 7 (Huitotos people), Km 6 y 11 (Ticuna-Huitoto), Comunidad Indìgena Castañal de lo lagos (Ticunas peple). Throughout your stay you will be supported by our team of expert staff.
You do not need previous experience to take part in this project. Volunteers are welcome.This project is perfect for anyone who is outgoing and has a passion for the Wild Nature. You will get hands-on, practical experience and learn about the natives way of life and their balance with the environment.
The main work will be reforestation. Working on reforestation includes planting trees, shrubs and orchids, also extracting bad grass and alien species that invade the Area.
Help plant fast-growing endemic trees to reforest deforested areas for crops. Not only are trees a source of commercial timber, fruit, dyes, resins and building materials, they also contribute to regenerating the land and reducing the harmful ecological impact on forest areas still intact.
In subsequent visits, the growth of the trees will be verified and the lianas and climbing plants that will inhibit the growth of the trees will be removed.

All the time. Every monday you can start your volunteering experience with us
1 week

What We Provide


Wath is included?
-Airport pick-up and transportation.
-Accommodation in a family house in a shared room.
-3 Homemade meals in your host country (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
-Walking tour
-Local dance classes
-Local cooking classes
-Letter of recommendation (upon request)
-Official Cetificado of Voluntary Service
-Emergency Contact Number 24/7
-24/7 support and supervision in the country.
-A Solidasur Volunteer T-Shirt

Not included:
​-International Flights
-Land travel to the rest of the country
-Visa to enter the country.
-Any medications or vaccines you require
-Travel and medical insurance
-Personal field equipment: Sleeping bag, flashlight, repellent, sun block.
-Entrance fee to natural reserves not included in the plan.
-Money for calls, drinks, snacks and souvenirs.
-Accommodation in the destination country before or after the project.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

1 or more weeks

Staff Size

5 to 10 people

Watch Us


Your Contact Person

Sandra Lasso
Km. 3. Castañal de los Lagos, Leticia, Colombia.

Our Wish List

- Notebooks for childrens of the reserves
- Colors box
- Coloring books

What are you waiting for?

We at Solidaridad con el Sur SOLIDASUR would love to hear from you!