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Guerreiros Da Luz

Morro de São Paulo Tinharé, Brazil, South America
GDL is a small local charity based in Morro de São Paulo on the island of Tinharé. We are looking for volunteers to help us build and run a cultural centre. The building has already begun but we need more helping hands as we want to finish the construction as soon as possible.


Initially until April 2016 help with construction and fundraising. After April 2016 we will need teachers, arts and crafts, administration and marketing help. We hope to start Portuguese lessons, English lessons, Arts and Crafts, Sports.
We need to create leaflets and marketing Materials. We need to raise funds to outfit classrooms.


one week

We do not provide meals or accommodation but can help in finding cheap accommodation. We do offer capoeira lessons for volunteers at least once a week.



GDL is a small local charity with very little resources. We depend on local help and volunteers. There are no fees to be paid to us. We can offer help in finding cheap accommodation and the occasional capoeira lesson.

Up to 5 people


Edificio Themis 398 4th Floor Praca Da Se Salvador de Bahia Brasil, Morro de São Paulo Tinharé, Brazil.

The island is a paradise with six major beaches and many small inlets and coves with soft white sand. Our project is a five minute walk from the town centre of Morro de São Paulo and ten minutes from the main beaches and landing zone. Here there are many Hotels, Posadas, Restaurants, Bars (most with wifi) and also a local village life. This cultural center will be one of the headquarters of the international youth center. This will be where children from different cultures will be able to come together and interact without media influence.

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