Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO-Africa)

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO-Africa) was founded in 2009 as a community based organisation in Lwengo District. It was later renovated into a non-government organisation with the purpose of breaking the cycle of poverty.

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John Bosco Ssenyondo
Kyebando-Nssoba Zone, Kampala-Gayaza Road, off Kyebando-Ring Road, Kampala, Uganda.
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Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO Africa) is working to free vulnerable children and women from the cycle of poverty by providing support to access a high-quality education both formal and informal, health and psychosocial care, economic strengthening, nutrition or food security, human and child rights protection in order to counteract pervasive hunger, poverty and systemic deprivation. We provide a plethora of resources and services depending on the situation of the beneficiary and it is our belief that every situation is unique; we strive to follow through and meet all needs.
ACO-Africa is fully registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with a registration number S.5914/11486, with a main office based in Kyebando-Nssoba Zone, Kampala-Gayaza Road, off Kyebando-Ring Road. It has outreach offices in its areas of operation including; Lwengo, Mityana, Rakai and Wakiso district.
Vision: ACO Africa’s vision is to care for children and other vulnerable groups.

ACO Africa’s mission is to create sustainable socioeconomic changes capable of generating lasting impacts on communities affected by deprivation.

Our objectives:

- Advocate and advancing the rights of children, women and other vulnerable groups.
- Improving and expanding care and support for people and families affected by HIV and AIDS.
- Improving in the standards of individuals of living among people at all community levels using the human rights based approach.
- Contribute to the mitigation of the social and economic effects of rights abuse, HIV/AIDS at individual, household and community level by providing support to the deprived communities especially children and women.

What we do:

- Supporting of school related expenses for underprivileged children and other vulnerable children to have education (scholastic materials, fees, etc).
- Conduct home and school based visits to meet the practical as well as psychological needs and social support for underprivileged children, elderly caretakers, HIV-positive children and women.
- Capacity building and empowerment to poor individuals, particularly HIV positive women, underprivileged children and vulnerable care givers, with training and income generating activities (e.g. chickens and pigs for rearing or a start up fund to earn household income).
- Supporting vulnerable households with seeds for growing various foods like cereals and vegetables to improve their livelihoods and food security.
- Raising awareness on community development issues like child rights, gender issues, disability, nutrition education, sanitation and hygiene, environmental issues, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health education among young people.
- Supporting prisoners with counselling sessions in spiritual, psychological and legal education which includes: raising awareness about the laws of the country; advocating for rights of prisoners human rights, specifically the right to bail and its legal procedures; and supporting inmates with sessions on life in and after prison.