Abofra Foundation

Empowering deprived children in communities in Ghana

Madina, Ghana, Africa

Abofra means child. At Abofra Foundation, we believe that every child in Ghana must have easy access to a free computer education, especially the deprived child.

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Estimated time: 30 - 40 hours
Skills: Fundraising, Research & Analytics
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Kwasi Ampadu
P. O. Box MD 415, Madina, Ghana.

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The name Abofra means a child in the Akan (Twi) language in Ghana. We chose this name because children are the hope and future leaders of every town, community, country, and nation. So the well-being of children is our greatest concern.

Initially, with the support from family and friends, we saw to the start of the Abofra Foundation. Kwasi Ampadu and his team are determined to see that every child in Ghana has access to basic needs: good health, clean drinking water, education, etc. The early activities of any child are very important since they will determine the future of the child. We believe in the total development of children through activities focusing on health, education, and support. Engaging vulnerable children in these activities will lead to the development of the entire community.

Mission: To promote holistic human transformation, human dignity, and integrated development programs that focus on children.

Vision: To help create a better future for the children in our communities through computer training, health care, and support for vulnerable children.

Goal: To see developed and empowered children.

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