Abundance Worldwide

Machinga District, Malawi, Africa
We are a charity working in Malawi with the vision to spread abundance in needy areas. Our values are : Care, Share, Empower.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Social Work
Web Work

What We Need

We would like to have volunteers who can work with the communities at Mbando village, Machinga, Malawi. They would need to be "enablers" and help the community come up with solutions to solve their problems themselves. Volunteers may provide their skills, offer training, help organize groups within the community or assist with setting up new projects with the community.


When & Who

As soon as possible
Foreign volunteers may decide on their duration depending on their visa duration.
Individuals, Groups

Our Fees

No fees

We are not charging volunteering fees. Volunteers can come at their expense, we can advice on accommodation options available and link them to Abundance team who can take them to the village where we work.

No Reviews

No reviews yet.

Contact Person

Deepa Pullanikkatil
Mbando Village, Machinga District, Malawi.

Other Ways to support us

Helping write reports and financial analysis

To help Abundance team to write the annual report and financial reports

At the moment we need help with financial reports making, annual report writing, policy development, books for the library, support in training youth in a variety of areas, assistance in organizing groups to develop community projects (agriculture, medicinal herb gardens, building a windmill for the school, etc.)

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Managing day to day activities of Abundance. Managing research projects and organizing training sessions as needed by the community.


We are a group of people around the world coming together to spread abundance.
Vision: A world of Abundance where there is plenty for humans and where nature is thriving. ​
Using an "Undisciplinary" and integrated development approach, we aim:
1. To create abundance for people through improvement in their well-being
2. To enhance resilience of natural resources through restoration and conservation

"Our vision is a world of abundance... plenty of food ....opportunities to realize your full potential .... make a good living..... lush green forests.....thriving ecosystems.... plenty of habitats for wildlife....clean water ...clean air.....abundance everywhere! "
D.Pullanikkatil, Founder, Abundance