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ACEP HANS KENSEL is a non-profit association that seeks to promote education for young people and adults, allowing them to train in some specialty and / or complete their secondary studies. But it also promotes legal advocacy for battered, abandoned women with their children without food, as well as helping to obtain legal rights to their land. For that we have collegiate lawyers, graduates who sponsor people of scarce resources. Another of our medium-term goals is to get help to create Houses Refuge for beaten women, victims of family violence, so that they can live there temporarily, recover emotionally and train in trades. We have six years promoting an Extrajudicial Conciliation Center with the authorization of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Peru. We have two things in mind: the creation of a Free Adult Non-School Program and the Shelter Houses for Women victims of Family Violence, also free. We currently have four collegiate lawyers.

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Av Miguel Iglesias Mza C- Lote 5- El Trebol Azul- Distrito de San Juan de Miraflores., Lima, Peru.

: 2768760

: pedro alejandro reyes ramos live:d1ac753659823889


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