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Delhi, India, South Asia
We are national not-for-profit organization that pioneered the autism movement in India & South Asia.

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What We Need

No matter what your background, if you have an open mind and think you might like to Volunteer with AFA we would be very glad to have you!

We have a long history of working with people from a wide range of disciplines from across the world. At any given time, there are volunteers from across India and other countries assisting in directly working with children with autism and/or opting to volunteer in the office, library, or the research wing. Yet others offer to raise funds, or help during events. Some are parents of children who access services at AFA; others are people willing to share their time and skills. You could be part of the Open Door Day programme; Aadhaar Vocational Centre for young adults with autism; Mother-Child Programme: a training group for parents and extended family among others, Research & Admin; ANANDA: Supported group home for people on the spectrum. Our aim is to always integrate our volunteers into the organization so that the experience is beneficial to both you and us.

We consider you an integral part of what we do, and we cherish the relationship our children and we have with you.

Volunteering with AFA can consist of a commitment of a few hours a week on specific projects, or it may be on a full-time basis for a pre-arranged period. The duration of your work with AFA may vary depending on your objectives. With the exception of working on specific projects, we find that a minimum commitment of three months in the organisation is useful to learn about the children, the cause, and AFA and to ensure that the time we put in helping you get familiarized with the same is also well spent.

When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 3 Months
For anyone to understand and become comfortable with autism and AFA, we request for a minimum commitment of three months in the organization so that one can learn about the children, the cause and the organization.

What we Provide


Accommodation is available within the secure environment of the AFA campus (chargeable). We offer an independent room with attached furnished kitchen and bathroom. The room is situated on the fourth floor of the AFA building thus minimizing daily commuting time and expense.


There is facility to buy lunch and snacks at the AFA cafeteria.

Our Fees

No fees

We neither charge or reimburse our volunteers.

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Tanvi Behl
Pocket 7 & 8, Jasola Vihar, Delhi 110025, Delhi, India.
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Additional Info about Us

20 to 50 people

AFA is involved in lifespan activities including early intervention, education, assessments, work and employment, independent living, as well as awareness, advocacy and research. AFA partners with organisations nationally and internationally to make the world a more inclusive place for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Through a concerted effort from its various wings : Open Door Clinical Services (Direct services for individuals with autism and their families), AADHAAR ( Vocational Center for adults with autism), Anvay (Research and Trainings), AAHAAN (Publications), AAILAAN ( Advocacy), AFA addresses the individual needs of people with autism, their families and the autism community as a whole.