AFAES is an acronym for Africans and African-Europeans Association, founded 2003 in Helsinki, as a registered multicultural association in Finland.

Volunteering Activities

Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment
Refugee Support

What We Need

Translation Service
Events Management
Youth Club Activites
Project Management
Communities Service
Graphic Design
Children's Game Club
Musical Artist

When & Who

Any time
Yes, we require a minimum of 3 Months
1-3 months
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide

Homestay, Volunteer House, Other

Accommodation in a home and open space, Shared room
Three meals a day during the week, two meals on weekends
Orientation: Volunteers will receive an orientation program on their first day of volunteering

Variety, Vegetarian, Vegan

- Meat dish
- Fish dish
- Cakes
- Chicken dish
- Fruits
- etc

Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water
First Aid
Welcome Kit

Our Fees


The participation fee includes accommodation and daily meals, training on the language and culture in the destination country


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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Orientation, Tours, Social Activities

Contact Person

Fatima Usman
Mäkelänkatu 58 A (3rd floor), Helsinki, Finland.

Other Ways to Help

Cooking Class

The African food course takes you to the magic world of African food. The courses teach you how to make African food under the guidance of a professional.
Fusion food courses teach you how to make a variety of African traditional dishes.


Educational & cultural equipment for youths.
Books of different cultural stories for kids.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

- is responsible for the operational management of the project within the framework of a plan and budget approved by the Board
- is responsible for fundraising, financial management and financial monitoring of the project
- is responsible for the project's communication-marketing planning and media contacts
- is responsible for supervising employees and trainees and acting as head of office staff
- is responsible for reporting the project and its finances to the board of the association and the


Multicultural Festival Activity: World Village Festival is an event that attracts an audience of nearly 80 000 visitors every year to a programme that includes free concerts by top musicians, discussions on social issues and films.

AFAES as a registered multicultural association in Finland.
We are involved in the interest of both Africans and Europeans living in Europe. We cover a wider sphere of the greater multicultural African continent.

We introduce African culture to Finnish people by means of workshops, events, and other activities. Multiculturalism and open-mindedness are taken into consideration in all our activities.

Developmental projects are integrated within the activities of AFAES

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