Helsinki, Finland, Europe
AFAES is an acronym for Africans and African-Europeans Association that was founded in 2003 in Helsinki, Finland. The NGO is a registered multicultural association that is seeking volunteers to participate in ongoing and future projects.

Online Volunteering

Below is a list of online tasks we would love help with!
Video Creation
Create a fundraising video 20 - 30 hours
Content Writing
Write a funding grant proposal 10 - 15 hours
Social Media Marketing
Setup our Instagram page 5 - 10 hours
Assigned to
Web Work
Update our website Ongoing

Contact Person

Ms. Fatima Usman
Mäkelänkatu 58 A, Helsinki, Finland.

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Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

- is responsible for the operational management of the project within the framework of a plan and budget approved by the Board
- is responsible for fundraising, financial management and financial monitoring of the project
- is responsible for the project's communication-marketing planning and media contacts
- is responsible for supervising employees and trainees and acting as head of office staff
- is responsible for reporting the project and its finances to the board of the association and the

AFAES as a registered multicultural association based in Helsinki, Finland.
We are involved in the interests of both Africans and Europeans living in Europe. We cover a wide spectrum of the multicultural African continent.
We introduce the African culture to Finnish people and those interested in multicultural activities. We utilize workshops, cultural events, such as Body image, Cultural Competence, Women's Day, Black American History Month and a host of other activities. Multiculturalism, inclusiveness, and open-mindedness are the foundation of all our activities.

Developmental projects are integrated within the activities of AFAES