Afflicted Children’s Development Organisation (ACDO)

Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa
We are charitable organisation working to benefit vulnerable children.

Volunteering Activities

Faith and Wellness

What We Need

I need teaching volunteers. They are going to help us with the higher classes. Especially on Mathematics and English language. I also need volunteer in the medical field to support our local nurses, in our community. Finally, volunteers which will preach human Rights violations and child Labour.


When & Who

At least may because we have to set out a budget for them, though we may like to get those out of our be our country but we don't have enough yet to invite volunteers internationally that's why we are preparing to get them ether November to December. We actually need their experiences. Children's are really suffering in this part of the world. Sierra Leone west Africa is a friendly country with a lots of beaches and mountains also with a friendly cultural that everyone can adapt.
Yes, we require a minimum of 4 Weeks
The minimum stay duration is 2 weeks, though it van be extend to a month depending on the work load especially when schools reopen. At that time we get more children joining up.
Individuals, Retirees

What we Provide


Depending on there choices, we Will have beach guesthouses, Hostels and apartments.

Types: Variety

Fish and chips, fried rice and other snacks.


Daily stipend is offer to them, amount to $4 each per day

Our Fees

$15 daily
$25 One-time

Part of feeding and accommodation as the organisation is not too strong. As we are presently looking for good funding.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off

We can also provide, free writing pads, sponsors tripe to the PENINSULA axies of Sierra Leone. Sometimes to another villages in the provinces, though it all depends on our budget but it's our wish to make them happy.

Contact Person

Santigies Kargbo
8Allen Drive Hamilton Village, 8 Allen Drive Hamilton Village, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Other Ways to support us

Cultural dance

Dress in our local attires. Play with local instrument.


Foods, books and pens, clothes, shoes, bags building materials and printed t- shirt with our Logo.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Finance Manager 2. Administration officer. 3 Internal auditor. Counseling Manager and his assistance. 4.Teachers 5. Nurse and the rest are field staff .


Our organisation is a community based organisation so we need volunteers who will prepare to assist our organisation. That's our main reason for inviting volunteers internationally, we also accept those within our country to cut down expenditure. Though our intends is to get more internationally we pray before there arrival everything work out in our favour. . But with my strongest conviction believe this ending 2019. Please join our organisation volunteerly to help vulnerable children, in this part of the world.

Yes. The changes usually occurred when we are just from holidays, at that time we need more people to volunteer with us. This normally happened in the dry season.

ACDO works with street children who often find for themselves with no one to take care of them and have left in affliction.