African ark development foundation Uganda

KASESE UGANDA, Uganda, Africa
African ark development foundation Uganda is community based organizational founded to help local communities in education for development to realize changes for growth and publicity to reduce poverty in the area.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work

What We Need

Vocation Training centre Uganda:
The project shall support women in the local community through providing opportunities to enhance their Eco-craft making skills, eco-tourism, and community climate management, community communication and computer skills. We also have projects for the children of the community. Location: Kasese, Uganda, Africa. We also hope to set up computer vocational training centre to train women affected by sexual violence and wars to access computer repair, internet and communication. The innovative organization that adopts education (formal/ non-formal) coupled with skill / vocational training geared toward helping women to be independent and self-reliant

Furthermore ,the foundation seek volunteers in training and education on climate change for Rwenzori Mountains and Eco-tourism and Child care for children with HIV/AIDS in schools.
The foundation further look for volunteers to help community in
-cotton ginning and cotton growing
-coffee growing improved quality and processing
-water extensions to poor schools and communities
-child care
-food processing
-climate change,tree plant and biodiversity conservation
-poultry and piggry reaching
-Women reproductive health
-Evants to end HIPATITIS B,cholera,Neglected diseases
-Reduece malnutritions.
-maize and cassave processing
-mosquito nets to vulnerable children and schools to reduce maleria
-supplies to hospitals

When & Who

september 2017

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Contact Person

Mr.Kule Noah

Other Ways to support us

we hope access both volunteers abroad and home,publish our projects in social media

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

the foundation was established in 2004 as community based organsation as to provide education for development.

African ark development foundation is CSO Organisation and community based in kasese Western Uganda.
our Activities are Education,human rights,conservation,health,vocational training,publication

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