African Children and Youth Development Association

African Children and Youth Development Association (better known in short as ACYDA-Ethiopia or simply ACYDA) is a non-profit making and non-governmental organization which is officially registered as an ‘Ethiopian Resident’ nonprofit association on August 29, 2018 under Oromia Regional State Societies and Labor Agency Bureau. Hence, ACYDA has a Vision of seeing healthy, literate and prosperous communities where all children and women enjoy secure, healthy, enlightened lives and responsive environment that promote their social, economic, cultural and moral development, as well as its Mission of working for healthy environment, resilient communities and critical young generation through education, developing and institutionalizing innovative approaches and experiences. In connection to this, ACYDA has set four main thematic/programmatic areas for the realization of its vision-mission statements and objectives. These areas are: Children and Youth Empowerment, Eco-friendly Livelihood Improvement, Public Health & Environment (PHE) and Volunteering. Currently, ACYDA is implementing volunteering activities which is helping poor and elder patients including provision of some amount of money and materials (blanket, mattress & sheet) and facilitating free medication from local to national level and emergency support during high level accident of poor families since May 2018 (we provided birr 3,000 for a family who lost 3 children due to fire accident), providing psychological and support.