African Women Dignity Foundation

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
African Women’s Dignity Foundation (AWDF) is a non-government organization (NGO) based in Kasese district of Uganda. AWDF is working on a couple of projects to assist women in rural areas. The projects are designed to help women gain skills they can use to thrive and become successful. Two of AWDF’s current projects are the Women’s Learning Centre and Environmental Conservation Project. Through these projects, AWDF gives women the opportunity to learn and grow in areas that would be beneficial to their lives. The skills learned give women the foundation to build a career of their own.
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African Women's Dignity Foundation requests for a volunteer in the field of Information Computer technology.

African Women’s Dignity Foundation –AWDF, Is a Self Help Group that was started on September 20th, 2010 by a group of women of Kinyamaseke Town Board, Kasese District, Western Uganda in East-Africa. The Organization was started as a Women group-women or a not for profit making oriented entity. It is fully registered by the Kasese district local government as SHG/097.
Mission: To advocate for the support, care and economically empower women with development skills that will sustainably help them to reduce their vulnerability and poverty
Vision: Having an empowered, skilled and self sustainable community of women that are skilled and actively participating in development for sustainable economic development
1. To help women so as to get support for solution of their problem through advocacy and involving to address their issues that affect them as well as equipping them with apprenticeship skills that will lead them to the reduction of poverty among themselves and empower the women with Information computer Technological sills.
2. To empower women with skills to actively participate in community development issues. Peace building, human rights violation prevention, sustainable agriculture, prevention of HIV/AIDS among women and children, and the young married couples through a awareness campaigns
3. To support and care for the vulnerable children of the mothers through laying supportive strategies that will help them attain proper health and growth as well as sustain their wellbeing
4. To bring the women and their children together for networking, strengthening their advocacy skills, and capacity building processes so as to address their issues at grass root levels.
5. To prevent early marriages and empower mothers with life planning skills that will help them not to fail in any category that may lead them into vulnerability so as to promote self esteem, peer resistance and other life planning skills.
6. To network with other networks, civil society organizations, government and other agencies for lobbying, advocacy, capacity building, support for member organizations and sharing of information and exchange in relation to development aspects.
ORGANIZATION PROGRAMMES: The programmes among others include:-Human rights, Health, HIV/AIDS, Education, Vocation Trainings, Capacity building, ICT etc.
The organization was purposely started to cater for women’s Health, respect/ dignity of women and girls to be observed, women participation in economic activities so as to generate income for their families.
Currently the organization has got many groups in Kasese district and we work with the following categories of people, the Younger mothers, Widows, HIV/AIDS victims, single mothers, the unemployed women and the elderly women. The organization has ever conducted a Silver fish processing project which aimed at boosting the immunity of HIV/AIDS victims and the young girls.