Lamwo, Uganda, Africa
Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA) worke to assist the rural Agoro community in northern Uganda’s Lamwo and Kitgum districts with life skills and livelihood support, and has conducted projects supporting refugee communities and focused on preventing violence against women and girls

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Human Rights Work
Social Work
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Women Empowerment

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Working with school children, training women groups in financial literates

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Nope, we don't require a minimum duration

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P. O. BOX 403 KITGUM, Lamwo, Uganda.

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Second hand; Clothes, laptops, bicycle, kitchen utensils, Cameras, ECD kits

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Main responsibilities include the preparation of proposals and grant applications, and performance of administrative work in researching, identifying, developing, and responding to funding opportunity announcements from federal/state government agencies, private foundations, and from corporate giving programs

Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA) is a grass root organization formed in 2001 to assists the rural community in post conflict Northern Uganda. ACDA was founded in 2001 as a consequence of the ongoing disruption that was threatening the social fabric of the area. After its formation, ACDA got registered as a local NGO on the 27th; July 2001 and later became incorporated in 2006 with registration number 78188

The organization's mission is “To provide a voice for the oppressed & disadvantaged members of the community in the Region & to lobby for support & undertake projects to alleviate and improve their situation." Strategic priorities are to overcome the effects of the Lord’s Resistance Army on the area population as a post conflict resolution measures

Our goal is for ACDA to continue to be recognized as a major force in bringing about change for area residents and to be seen by all as a trusted institution that continues to support and enhance the quality of life for all.

ACDA’s main objectives are:

1. To Re-establish the community long term sustainability through continuous improvement of the community’s social and economic status

2. Provide training that gives community members, especially women and youth, knowledge about human & property rights, gender equality, democratic and economic processes & freedoms & how they can seek justice/equality by holding their leaders accountable.
3. To increase both formal and informal education and vocational training to vulnerable groups, with skills and knowledge that they can use to improve their quality of life. This will include new agricultural techniques & skills based training that will help women & youth develop economic independence

4. To provide children with the fundamental basic needs and opportunities for recreation to enhance their future prospect

ACDA is dedicated to work to alleviate the situation of area residents through individual projects, each intended to incrementally better the current situation, with a 5-year plan, which is updated annually. The 5 year goal is for ACDA to continue to be recognized as a major force in bringing about change for Agoro residents and to be seen by all as a trusted institution that continues to support and enhance the quality of life for all.

Activities are prioritized following dialogue with community residents .However, the program is structured in 4 Priority Areas that address the core issues facing the population. These are: Health & Welfare, Human Rights, Education and Livelihood.
ACDA is in the process of expanding these projects and has a number future projects under development. In general, these projects address the quality of Education, children’s healthcare and economic wellbeing of the community.

• Accountability and transparency
• Team work
• Respect for diversity
• Custodianship
• Approachability.

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