Al Amal institute for The disabled.

Broummana, Lebanon, Middle East
Since 1959 for the integration of people with special needs
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Mir Omar El Solh
Mounira Solh Street, Broummana, Lebanon.

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Up to 5 people

Founded in 1959 by Mrs. Mounira El Solh, Winner of the Roze Fidzgerald Kennedy Foundation Award 2000-2005.

Mrs. Mounira had decided after entering Public Service as a Parliamentarian in 1959, to open a center that caters for people with special needs, because her son Salim was disabled.
Later on, the center developed to become a place for work and living for people with special needs, and is a source of food and clothes to refugees, and an economic power as it purchases local agricultural products which later on are packaged by people with special needs in order to be distributed to those in need across Lebanon. The Center currently hosts 40 people with disabilities, they work, live and earn, furthermore, many activities promoting integration are held three to Four times a week.