Aldea Yanapay is a self funded school and community whose mission is to provide children, adolescents, families, and society with an alternative form of education and conscious development. These principles are based on tolerance, responsible love, spirituality and respect for the planet.
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Nueva Alta 803, Cusco, Peru.

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5 to 10 people

Please read the two important documents (links below) and after that fill out the Application form attached.

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The projects we offer at Aldea Yanapay:
Cultural Center- Theater, Cinema, and Library offering the town of Cusco with a place to connect culturally and have an artistic outlet.

Restaurant- created to allow economic self-sustainability for the Organization, show an example of fair trade, and attract visitors and volunteers to the area.

The Yanapay school - a place that has areas such as classrooms, a library, a game library (educational games), reading room, kitchen, and others, that are necessary for the development of the children and adolescents we work with.

We work with children from various public schools who come after class. In the Yanapay Village they do their homework, making use of the library and the materials that we have. They also receive another type of education based on the arts (theatre, music, painting, etc), as well as other topics that are important in today's world: world cultures and religions, ecology, sexuality, and reading.

The Village is also open to all types of cultural expression, for example. Meditation, massages, capoeira, circus arts, etc., since people from all over the world arrive at the Yanapay school and each one has something to give.
There is a phrase that is fundamental at the Yanapay school