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ALIORE Worldwide workshops

Montpellier, France, Europe
ALIORE, Worldwide workshops is a non profit French association formed in September 2005. The aim is to offer an alternative and participatory tourism connecting with locals.


1rst programme: The tutoring programme living with a French family: You will share your language 15 hours a week in exchange for free room and board. These exchanges can be formal or informal depending on the preferences of the family. This is a great opportunity to be immersed in French culture, and improve your linguistic skills. Families are available all over France.
2nd programme: Volunteer on a green project in the South of France : You will share the daily life of a French family helping them in the development of their local green tourism project (animal care, gardening, etc..). Placements are in remote areas in stunning environments.

All year round

2 weeks


The association organises and follow each placement according to the applicant's preferences. Each placement includes accomodation and meals.

Volunteers get free meals and accommodation. They are responsible of their local and international transports as well as personal expenses.


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We invite everyone to promote this great opportunity to stay in France at a low cost. The best is of course to experience the programme first!

ALIORE proposes participation in traditional activities from their country of origin, thus allowing a total cultural immersion while promotion the sharing of knowledge and local development. We have developped 2 volunteers programmes in France: Live with and teach English to a French family and volunteer on a green project and live with a hostfamily in the South of France.

Up to 5 people



23 rue Jean Giono, 34080 Montpellier, FRANCE, Montpellier, France.

Participative Tourism is based on the concepts of respect and authenticity; It enables the exchange and sharing between the guests and the local population.

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