Movement for the welfare, wealth and personal and social growth of women

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Women Empowerment

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Gender gap seminars
Business development projects, in agriculture, handicrafts, professionals in general

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Dos semanas

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Emma Elizabeth Perales Vega
Ramirez Gaston N° 283, Lima, Peru.

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10 to 20 people

ALL Peru is a chapter of an international network of women, whose main objective is to increase Women's Leadership, through social, political and economic empowerment, supported in natural conditions such as harmony, creativity, resilience, positive energy to lead changes towards Personal well-being, professional growth and public leadership.
ALL is present in 157 countries worldwide, including developed, emerging and underdeveloped countries and the foundation of our organization is to extend bridges of friendship and support to women, as well as to create energizing business spaces, under the principle of YES I CAN, that allows the equality of genres, with the same opportunities and in the same conditions of which we lack at the moment.
ALL is non-dogmatic, non-political and non-religious, and connects all women from all walks of life and cultures in all parts of the world, creating an integrated network.
Each chapter is independent in its management and does not receive funds, must obtain sponsor for its activities.