NAIROBI, Kenya, Africa
We are a community based development organization that is working with grassroots organizations for sustainable development.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Web Work

What We Need

Fundraising , Proposal Development , Web Development and SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES for resource mobilization.
partnership development and knowledge of international exchange programs.

When & Who

immediately AND ALL YEAR ROUND.
minimum stay is one month .

What we Provide


We shall provide meals and accommodation
, internal TRANSPORT when applicable but transport outside project activities not covered.
We encourage the volunteers to organize for a medical insurance for the period of stay.


Our Fees

No fees

$50 reservation fee .
$50 airport pick by the project car from the airport to the project site .
$900 per month contribution to the project in and out of Nairobi.
n/b this will be inclusive of internal transport ,food ,accommodation,internet,writing materials,soft drinks and cultural activities.
The difference will support the project activities for the betterment of our community .
We have a community hostel where we do host our visitors from Sweden every year and its safe place because we do take seriously the safety of our international volunteers and guests.

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Contact Person


Other Ways to support us

5 wheelbarrows ,5 hoes,10 overalls,10 slashers,10 rakes,2 big tends,100 plastic chairs,2 banners, cloths,assortment of dry food,watering 50 water cans,2 video cameras for coverage,2 photo cameras,writing materials,500 plastic water bottles,1000 volunteers to visit and come and participate with us,/toys / dolls for the children, public address systems,paints,seedlings ,funding,,300 gumboots,1000 t shirts,100 bags , and fliers and cash donations.
mailing address,

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Our community program is overseen by community board of trustees with different specialist.
The project is also working with a team of community peer educators totaling to 210 and they target at least 10 persons every month with community development messages.
to address the community social and psychological problems 6 community counselors liaise with the community peer educators.
the project has 3 community schools with an enrollment rate of 1000 beneficiaries from the poor community.
To support women empowerment programs the project is working with 1000 women participating in community table banking activities.
the project has developed partnerships with community development programs in different counties.
Our funding comes from community activities like keeping poultry,food security activities and vegetables gardening.
Since we have an exchange program with some schools in Sweden we have i identifies a community guest house and families who normally stay with our volunteers and guest and whatever is generated goes back to the community we serve.
We are legally registered with the government and we don't work with orphanages but we do help orphans directly but we do assist them in our community schools.
Volunteering with us will provide an opportunity to our guest to Cris cross the community and get exposed to many community development things.
We work with children,youth,women,disables,children on the streets.
We have been given a community development chapter by a us organization and again we have a working agreement with AMAIDI ORGANIZATION based in Germany.
here at home we again work very closely with organizations and community registered groups which share our vision,mission and objectives.
Our project needs are food ,fees,uniforms,shoes,books and food security equipment.
We really serous about sustainability matters which will ensure continuity and this is matter that we really discuss with our friends on how we can help each other.
Volunteers can apply through this email

The organization is Very unique and is involved in the educational support for the vulnerable children and students,
community food security,health and HIV/aids education,women economic empowerment program.
The organization is working with the children,youth,women ,men and the disables in our community.
We work with schools ,religious organizations and the community grassroots registered group.
We work to address the plight of the needy in the society..
currently we have a team of 210 community volunteers ,6 community professional counselors and we have a community friendly resource center.
We have 2 project field sites ie Kware slums in Ongata Rongai and Loititoktok at a place called Illassit.
The project has 3 community education centers with a population of 1000 distributed in the community schools under our program.
Our challenge is lack of resource to support our project beneficiaries.
Our future strategic plan is to build a community education school complex and a community clinic alongside promoting community food security.
We shall be glad to have international volunteers who will help us build the program and expand the community service delivery in our community.