Alternative for Rural Movement

Balasore, India, South Asia
we are working for the socio economic upliftment of the backward people of the remote villages of Odisha.
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At- Parulia, Po- Asti, Via- Baliapal, Balasore, India.

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20 to 50 people

Establishment of an equitable social order through motivation facilitation and self-activity among backward rural communities with emphasis on women and children in the sphere of health, education, human rights, economic and rural leadership.
To find out an alternative strategy of rural social intervention and facilitated the NGO movement in the state of Orissa.
• To facilitate empowerment, solidarity and leadership capacities of backward rural women and the under privileged social sections.
• To sensitize, act and promote basic education, rural health, eco environment and quality of living in the problem villages.
• To restore and strengthen the advocacy of human and child rights activities of vulnerable social categories concentrating on women and girls rights for preventing social discrimination and oppression.
•To garner economic empowerment and rural self-empowerment of socially handicapped section through credit and savings, eco-friendly sustainable agriculture, micro enterprises and establishment of a value chain based marketing network.
•To conduct information networking, need based research, documentation and create a data base on all aspects of a prospective rural social economic.

Major Achievement of Alternative for Rural Movement
•315 no. of women self Help Groups have been formed with total 4340 no. of rural backward women availing leadership skills, legal awareness, assistance and socio economic benefit through their collective efforts.
•Monthly savings to the tune of Rs. 1.6 crore have been generated and credit of Rs. 542 lacs been mobilized by to 92 women Self Help Group members through rural savings and credit Endeavour.
•1318 no. of women have become self-reliant through 475 rural women micro enter pries groups with our assistance under women self-employment initiatives.
•Empowered to the women for the active participation in Gram Sabha and PalliSabha in the decision making process and placing demands of their problems and issues.
•Extending rural health awareness, action and daily treatment of mother, children and sick people from 16 villages (population 19638) through management PHC Paschimbad under National Health Mission under Public Private Partnership. Since the management 204168 patients were treated and promoted 1242 institutional deliveries and 100% immunization coverage and 2017 emergency referral services.
• Maternal Mortality Rate has been reduced from 112/1000 to 53/1000; Infant Mortality Rate has been reduced from 657/100000 to 345/100000.
•Total no. of children immunized to date: 18316.
•2529 no. of the innovative Nananda Bhauja Club members constituting 1320 eligible women and 1209 adolescent girls are taking care of RCH activities in 20 remote rural villages.
•Total 560 no. of adolescent girls have been incorporated into our main streaming process.
•Scholarship support for 300 poor and meritorious children. Art/craft/dance and music based extra curricular activities 160 talented students. As well as training for 60 primary school teachers have been extended under School Child Resource Development Center (SCRDC) project.
• Every year 180 no of children from poor and underprivileged families have got primary education through ARM Model School project intended for school dropouts and non school going children of dalit and deprived backward communities since 1997.
•School dropout rate has decreased significantly from 66 % to 12 % in this remote coastal area since we start