Ang KaSaMa - Ang Katipunan ng mga Samahang Maharlika

Rodriquez, Rizal, Philippines, South East Asia
Ang KaSaMa, Inc. commits itself to the strengthening of different samaj (society) nationwide and the creation of a progressive Maharlikan society that promotes holistic growth of individuals and collective members of the human society by propagating and promoting the philosophy and principle of Neo-Humanism and the virtues of self-reliance and selfless service to creation.

Our Five (5) Point Demand

1 - Generation of 100% employment for the local people

2 - Creation of industries in the local areas based on the availability of raw materials and based on the local affordability of these products

3 - Only those manufactured goods that cannot be produced by the local region should be imported

4 - Medium of instruction should be in local language and that this should be the medium of communication in government offices and judiciary.

5 - General demands:
Removal of the nuclear power plant in Bataan
Local control of mines and resources in the Cordillera
The return of plantations and lands to local people of Mindanao

What We Need

We need volunteers with technical know how and ITs with knowledge regarding herbs nurturing with botanical knowledge

When & Who

depends to the volunteer

What we Provide


We can provide accommodation for the volunteers but not meals because we are vegetarians and at this moment we dont have the funds.

Our Fees

No fees

food in the Philippines is cheap and can be bought in a near by village or if he/she is a vegetarian he /she can tell our vegan/vegetarian cook and there will be a minimum fees. If the volunteers are non-vege we can arrange to cook for them.

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Contact Person

Ang KaSaMa - Field Office - 11 Union Village, Barangay Culiat, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Phil., Rodriquez, Rizal, Philippines.