Anjali House

Anjali House is a community learning center supporting over 200 children accessing higher education.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Social Work
Web Work

What We Need

Mission 1:
Teach English to children. We need volunteers who will be able to:

1. Teach English lessons to children (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar) in pairs with a Khmer teacher
2. Supervise the children, monitor their safety, and administrate basic first aid when required.

Mission 2:
Assist and support our full-time Garden volunteer in the sustainable vegetable garden:

1. General garden maintenance: seeding and planting.
2. Assist the children during their weekly gardening lessons.

The garden is an organic garden being approximately 1 acre of cultivated land.

Mission 3:
Assist and support our Communication and Fundraising Manager:

1. Editorial
-Write the monthly e-newsletter.
-Create weekly content for social media.
-Develop the “Month in action” video every month (to be published on the monthly e-newsletter and on social media).

2. Visibility Web and Social Media
-Assist the Communication and Fundraising Manager in improving and implementing a strategy for Anjali House’s website.
-Monitor the website traffic using Google analytics and social media activities (documented into a quarterly report).

3. Online fundraising campaign
-Assist the Communications and Fundraising Manager in creating an online fundraising campaign with a focus on monthly donations.
-Increase web traffic on the donation page.

Mission 4:
Assist and support our Anjali House Social worker:

1. Conduct workshops or training with our students and families about behavior, hygiene, alcoholism, violence, parenting skills, and families budgeting.
2. Consult with students and families for any problems/issues.
3. Connect with NGO partners which have similar projects or services.
4. Support our Social worker to create a social work system structure.
5. Monitor and evaluate the social work program.

When & Who

As soon as possible
Yes, we require a minimum of 2 Months
We do not accept volunteers under 2 months because we are convinced that longer you stay, more you learn.

Our Fees

$250 One-time

We ask each volunteer to make a USD $250 contribution to offset administrative expenses for volunteers and serves as a general contribution to our organization; a standard practice at most NGOs in Southeast Asia.
This contribution can be in the form of a personal contribution or a crowdfunding campaign.

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Contact Person

Armelle Dufour
Wat Svay, Sala Komroeuk road, Siem Reap, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

The majority is composed of Khmer people.


There are a lot of guesthouse near of our organization. There are also bedrooms/apartments to rent for around 100/160$ per month.

Anjali House is a community learning center supporting over 200 children in accessing higher education. By
providing experiential learning, supplementary skills training and scholarships, we support children and
their community to commit to education and make positive decisions about their futures. Our mission is
divided into 3 programs:
- Young explorers program (from 4 to 13 years old): all of our students are registered to the public school. They come to Anjali the other part of the day to attend supplementary English classes but also Computer, Arts, Gardening, Science and Sports classes. We also provide each student mandatory uniforms and school supplies.
- Active Community Programs: We have a few projects that are related with the wider community as expanding our library. Our social worker supports our parents by facilitating workshops and home visits that focus on parenting skills, mental health, health care, domestic violence, family budgeting and job search assistance.
- Future leaders programs (14 and older): We provide support and development in skills for our young adults. This includes career orientation classes, life skills, internships and access to vocational/university trainings.

Anjali House is an organization anchored locally with Khmer teachers including a female Khmer Director. It is a transparent organization which runs a professional audit of its finances every year.