ANOPA(Agoro Ne Obra PA)Project

Cape Coast, Ghana, Africa
We are a sports for development organisation in Ghana

Volunteering Activities

Social Work
Web Work

What We Need

We need volunteers for sports coaching(Swimming,volley,soccer,martial arts,basketball etc),teaching, administration-will help in the day to day administration of the office including managing emails,driving sponsorship,minutes and report writing among others.

When & Who

Throughout the calender year
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Week
Volunteers can stay as long as they wish
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

What we Provide


We provide volunteer pick up on arrival from the airport and send them back on departure to the airport.We provide 24/7 internet service in the volunteers accommodation.We provide orientation for all volunteers on arrival in the project house.

Our Fees

$20 daily

Reservation fees can be paid into the project bank account or all fees can be paid on arrival

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Contact Person

P.0 BOX AD 912,CAPE COAST,, Cape Coast, Ghana.

Other Ways to Help

Sporst equipments like soccer,jerseys,swimming goggles,swim suits,trophies,educational materials,volleyballs,

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

ANOPA is an acronym which stands for Agoro Ne Obra Pa which means playing for a better life in english.It is a sports for development project which started in 2010 as a German Government initiative in Cape Coast,Ghana. After 2015 when the sponsorship from Germany finished the project was registered into an NGO with a partner NGO in Germany called ANOPA e.v. ANOPA uses sports as a tool for individual development, promotion of gender equity, mobilisation, community engagement, peace building among others.ANOPA uses sports such as swimming, volley, taekwondo,soccer,basketball and handball to bring about mobilisation and accelerate development within various communities.The main sports ANOPA uses as a problem solving approach or tool is swimming.The project is located along the coast where the sea is quite dominant hence high drowning rates.The project embarks on swimming lessons to particularly children, the youth and various security officers to help curb the drowning rate and save lives as well.So far the project has trained more than 1000 kids and 200 security officers within the Cape Coast district. The project has also been able to form the central regional swimming team that has won several medals and trophies including gold,silver and bronze and competing for laurels.The team is now part of the National Swimming Association.
The project also goes to schools and educate students on the environment and sanitation and the need to keep the environment clean. This particular program is under the Nothinleavesearth project where upcycling and good sanitation is our concern.