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Miass, Russia, Europe
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Welcome to "Artful English Club"! A cultural space and learning environment where English is learnt in a clever and skillful way through Arts.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

We're looking for a person to assist at or conduct English classes and different events in our Artful English Club. You are not necessarily to be a native speaker, if so, your spoken English level should be at least Intermediate. Of course people with ANY experience in work with children and in Arts would be greatly welcomed.

If you're fond of fine arts or handicrafts, give your fancy full scope in helping us to prepare decorations, costumes and props for the performances or celebrations. Maybe, just like in Savva Mamontov's private theatre, where the most talented artists were discovered and united, you will discover new talents in yourself! )))
Or you may conduct your own craft workshops in English.

Children like to play Board and card games along with active games. If you have any board/card games out of use, collecting dust in your garage, take them along! We're also working on adjusting some board games for EFL learners and any help from volunteers with good skills in graphic arts and polygraphy would be an asset.

If you have any teaching experience, you're free to employ your own program or the program you are used to.

We also hunger for any books in English for early readers as well as any books with pictures.

When & Who

All year round
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration

What we Provide

We provide accomodation in a hosting family and probably meals with the family

Our Fees

local transport, extra meals

Contact Person

Miass, Russia.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Come as a special guest and enjoy our English Drama Club performance on May 13. You may stay for a couple of weeks in May (early June). In you application, please specify you English level (minimum B2).
We're looking for a volunteer with fluent English (min.B2) to help in our English language Club for children and adults.
Hello, I'm Maria, a founder of an Artful English Club.
According to Oxford Dictionary "artful" has 2 meanings: 1) Clever or skilful 2) Showing creative skill or taste. Which means we're clever enough to understand that English should not be taught two hours a week. And we are already experienced and skillful enough to make the learning process really exciting and to create a cultural space and learning environment for those who want to really USE this international language as a means of communication. We're trying to enhance the students' desire to come back to our Club over and over again, more and more often. We want our students to LIVE English not only LEARN it.
Besides, integrating English in Arts can be really efficient. Thus we practice speaking in Drama activities. We help preschoolers acquire new lexis by means of creating strong associative bends through visual arts, paiting and drawing, crafts. We encourage teenagers to learn English along with Harry Potter characters as well as read other fiction. We help adults overcome their barriers through playing board games, composing stories as well as performing humourous sketches.

Thus, except for traditional English classes, we offer our students:
- different events and celebrations in English, not only to learn the cultures of English-speaking countries but also customs and traditions of our foreign guests' countries.
- creative workshops in English
- board games for speaking skills practice
- drama in English
- English Holidays (English City Camp during school breaks: November, January, April, June, July, August)
- Storytime in a library (the idea borrowed from the U.S. children's libraries)
- etc.

The importance of meeting foreigners face to face is hard to overstate. We are located rather far from the beaten tourists tracks and can hardly enjoy crowds of foreigners. Besides, few of our city folks may afford travelling abroad as often as necessary for keeping a good level of conversational English. Thus we give people a chance to have a real practice for their English speaking skills.

We welcome volunteers from all over the world for the academic year from September till June. You can stay as long as you wish (usually the visa is not more than 90 days).

1. Accomodation, meal: host family (share the meals with the family or cook in their kitchen)
2. Visa: please, make all the enquiries long-long time in advance. The procedure is time-consuming.
3. Please, do not ask to buy you a ticket.

Thank you!


What are you waiting for?

We at Artful English Club would love to hear from you!