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Chamkar Leu District, Cambodia, South East Asia

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Mr. Mos Neng
Chamkar Leu district, Kampong Cham province, Cambodia, Chamkar Leu District, Cambodia.
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ASEAN Student School is a nonprofit school located in the rural area of the Kompong Cham province around 131km from Phnom Penh city. Almost 100% of the people living there are farmers. They plant rubber, pepper, jackfruit, and so on. There are nine communes, with 58 villages. There are no English or computer schools in this district because it is a long way from Kompong Cham Town.

Seeing this situation, my best friend and I decided to share our money to run this non-profit school that provides a General English Program (pre-school to advanced level), Computer Literacy (typing, Microsoft Office) and Social Work. The school also provides jobs for undergraduate students while they are at the university (they teach during the weekday and study at the weekend).

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