Asia America Initiative

Washington, DC, United States, North America
We are a community-based charitable and educational organization working for peace and conflict mediation through integrated development programs.

What We Need

Pro Bono Attorney, who could be local to DC area; Administrator for Headquarters in DC/Virginia; Trademark and Copyright application; Researchers in natural sciences, public health and education; Marketing Manager to assist with marketing campaigns/fundraising campaigns; Webdesigner with coding background (i.e., Java Script)

When & Who

Summer/Fall 2017
3 months

What we Provide


Our Fees

No fees

meals/transportation reimbursed at least 3 days a week

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No reviews yet.

Contact Person

Albert Santoli, Founder and President
1521 16th Street NW/ Washington, DC 20036, Washington, DC, United States.

Other Ways to support us

Qualified people with at least 4 years of work experience.

Will participate NEXT YEAR in GOOD DEEDS DAY (2018), once established a relationship with GivingWay

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Mobile phone: 1-703-475-9170

Founded in 2002, Asia America Initiative (AAI) strives to develop communities affected by poverty, natural disaster, and armed conflict. The organization is dedicated to working in difficult areas where others may have given up. AAI believes in respecting the talent and insight of local people, respecting their dignity and providing educational resources, public health and other tools to infuse confidence in communities to build a positive future.
Asia America Initiative (AAI) is a catalyst for cross-cultural and interfaith cooperation. We believe that peace, security and respect for human dignity are inseparable. AAI supports inter-generational cooperation as an international model for building peace through educational opportunity tied to economic development. Focusing on the youth and caring for the elderly, we bring communities together. We promote human dignity through health, education, livelihood, environment, and the arts.