Asociación Salgalú para el Desarrollo

Led by Salgalú, the Investment in Children Peru is a high-level advocacy coalition has helped prioritize early childhood on the public agenda and shape national and regional policy and budget decisions.

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Thank you for your interest in helping us. We are constantly looking for new ways to promote the social communication and advocacy activities we do in Peru, and we'd greatly appreciate any and all help in social media, translating documents from Spanish to English, and fundraising to keep our activities going. We are working towards a national change in 2021, Peru's Bicentennial. Any collaboration will be greatly appreciated.

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Lourdes Herencia Carrasco
Calle Los Halcones 249, San Isidro, Lima, Peru.

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10 to 20 people

Asociación Salgalu para el Desarrollo is a non‐governmental organization specialized on communication and social responsibility based in Lima, Peru. Our main lines of work include social and political mobilization, networking and building strategic alliances to pursue social causes. Our mission is to promote and develop social investment projects that generate improvements in the quality of life in general, especially for the early childhood in Peru. Our vision is the eradication of extreme poverty and social exclusion of the children of Peru, as well as creating fair opportunities through fair opportunities and access, education, sport, culture and creativity. (,,