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Asociación Sayariy-Resurgiendo

Trujillo, Peru, South America
Sayariy - Resurgiendo engages with people in vulnerable communities to empower them through various community, social justice, education and gender projects.

Human Rights
Women Development

We currently need enthusiastic people for our summer program in Jan. & Feb. Positive teachers for ENGLISH, ART and SPORT. Looking forward to welcoming you!

The goals of the project are:
• Provide high-quality education – teachers required to teach English, Art and Sports
• Economic empowerment – volunteers to plan and teach art, craft and design; business, marketing and management; gender awareness.
• Promote health and human rights – volunteers to plan and teach health and human rights programs
We need volunteers to interact with the local school teachers to help plan and teach English, Art and Sports whilst promoting gender equality.
Also, we required volunteers to plan and teach art, craft and design; business, marketing and management; and gender awareness. These programs should incorporate elements of health and human rights issues.
Currently we required administrative volunteers to contribute with recruitment, fundraising, program structure and coordination and liaising with the Director.

Ongoing 2017 and 2018

Min. 3 months


• Arrival pick up
• Housing with a local family
• Training and support
• Spanish classes
• Cultural experiences
• Certificate upon completion

$ 390.00 Initial Month

Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Document Translation
Video/Photo Editing
Editing Work
Grant Writing

Sayariy – Resurgiendo is growing and establishing itself in Trujillo. We need assistance from people preferably with experience in the mentioned fields. Additionally those who are eager to contribute can bring their skills, positivity and knowledge to foster empowerment of vulnerable communities.
We require candidates to be responsible and culturally aware.

Sayariy-Resurgiendo is a Peruvian NGO working with people from disadvantaged communities, building safe spaces where children can grow up in an environment without violence but with respect and equality of opportunities. Have environmental awareness, as well as historical and cultural memory. Our organization seeks to implement projects based on tolerance and equality, economic empowerment, teaching in local public schools and promoting gender equality.

Up to 5 people

Condominio Tierra Verde Bloque C 1102- Urbanización Covicorti, Trujillo, Peru.

El Porvenir is one of the oldest districts of Trujillo. It underwent a major economic growth in the late 80s, when most large shoe factories were forced to close in the country (as a result of the economic crisis and because of the strong competition from informal producers). Many factory workers from the city of Trujillo had their own shoemaking workshop in El Porvenir and therefore started producing and selling shoes from there. Most of the footwear in Peru have been created and produced in El Porvenir since then. It is now regarded as “The Capital of Shoes”.

This activity continues to attract many interior migrants who live outside the district, where the living conditions are far from adequate. When they settle down, the migrants – women, men and children – do not have any economic resources and live in invaded areas where there are no basic services and many needs. For such needs, we seek to work with the migrant families and to accompany them in their adaptation, growth and change. We help them build a new community and safe place to grow. It is the reason why they came to the city. But we also help them stay connected to their own culture.

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