Association Footura

Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe
We are charity nonprofit organization working for better health, active lifestyle and sports development

Volunteering Activities

Social Work
Web Work

What We Need

General help, regarding volunteer's profile and current organization need

When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 5 Days
Maximum stay is one month

Our Fees

$89 One-time

Upon acceptance to the program (and before arriving), there is a one-time donation of $ 89 USD.
All costs associated with accommodation, transport and meals (here in Sofia) must be covered by the volunteer himself. We can only help for an informed choice

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Contact Person

Emiliyan Metodiev
14, Odrin str., Sofia, Bulgaria.
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Other Ways to Help

It is possible but it will be with fixed hours - during one of our sport-social events (open sports demonstrations, mass sports activities/tournaments, etc.


Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Depending on the profile of the volunteer, our needs are generally in the areas of:
Marketing and Advertising
Sports and social activities
Information campaigns and dissemination of results
Current project activities - planning/execution (connected with sport and the social dimensions of sport)
Organizing and conducting open sporting events
Fundraising and business communication


We are situated in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. It is a big modern city - with a lot of opportunities for social, cultural and sports activities, tours, intercultural work, etc.
Every volunteer must know English
(Currently) We are not able to assist on VISA applications

The main objectives and activities of the UNION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF SPORT AND SPORTS CULTURE – FOOTURA are the development and promotion of various sports and all kind of activities connected with sport, sport scientific researches and exchange programs. The association aims at promoting amateur and college sports in order to motivate young people to be active and to see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. High priority for us is the development of youth activities, initiatives and projects, supporting healthy lifestyles and physical education of children and youths.

Working in sport, our main purposes are:

-More children, youths and amateurs in Sport

-Social inclusion through Sport and active work with disadvantaged groups in peripheral areas of Sofia

-Sport as the best tool for better physical culture, for fighting against depression, addictions, overweight, agression etc.

-Sport as life perspective and Role-model