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Guanacaste and Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Central America
Our volunteer work supports investigation, education and conservation of the environment, with social commitment.


The International volunteer program has 18 projects active in Conservation, Research and Education. You can work with Sea Turtles, teach English in rural schools, and do conservation in National Parks and Natural Reserves. You can also learn or practice Spanish and learn about the biodiversity of our country. The projects are open to students, professionals and the general public, and to those who are interested in performing internships, academic thesis, research projects or field work.

Sea Turtle Projects (Short and Long term program):
Beach clean ups
Construction of the hatchery.
Monitoring of hatchery (nesting season).
Night Patrols (nesting season).
Transferal of nests to the hatchery (nesting season).
Releasing hatchlings (nesting season).
House chores.
Registering information about the hatchery and exhumations (nesting season)

National Parks (Short term Program):
Maintenance of trails
Paying attention at the tourists.
Collaboration with every project that is realized in the area.

In order to be eligible for the programs, you must meet the following requirements:
- If you have less than 18 years, you will need an authorization from your parents
- Copy of your passport
- Cover the costs of participation established by the program, according to the work plan that you choose.
- Be able to communicate in basic Spanish is recommended but not necessary.
- Be in good health and willing to work in tropical conditions, and be able to adapt and relate in different cultures.
-Have medical insurance.
- Be willing to follow the rules established by the Volunteer Program and by the National System of Conservation Areas.
- Provide a resume


Short term volunteers can come for 1 week. Long term volunteers can come for 1 year.


We provide very basic amenities and meals.

Lodging: shared rooms with bunk beds and shared bathrooms.

Meals: Based on a costa rican diet (rice, beans, vegetables, natural juice, coffee, noodles)

Short term volunteer: $60 inscription+$38 per night (2016).

Long term volunteer: No fees (1 year)

Additional Services: Airport pick up $30 and San José Accommodation $15


We are a non-governmental organization (NGO) self-managed and nonprofit. We act as a bridge between civil society and Costa Ricas natural areas , allowing more and more people to get involved responsibly in the conservation of our national patrimony, - natural and cultural.

We work as a bridge between civil society and areas of nature, with the objective that more and more people can get involved in a responsible and voluntary way, in the conservation of our natural and cultural patrimony. Our organization is an open space for you to act now, for conservation and development of Protected wildlife areas, for the benefit of us, and our future generations.

We have an agreement of co-operation with the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), which permits us to support the state through our volunteer program in around 20 different areas of the country and around 2300 volunteers – both Costa Rican and international volunteers from all over the world who make our conservation efforts possible every year

We work in three strategic areas:

5 to 10 people

Federación de Organizaciones sociales, calle 1, ave 11 y 13, Barrio Amón San José, Costa Rica., Guanacaste and Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Please fill out the application form and send to- tbadilla@asvocr.org

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