Alto de los Mores, Peru, South America
AYNI’s work takes place in Alto de los Mores, a small isolated rural village of indigenous Peruvians. Our organization works together with this community to alleviate some of the major barriers of living in extreme poverty, through education and development projects.

Volunteering Activities

Disaster Relief

What We Need

Education is a huge part of what AYNI is, and your main role is working with children different capacities. At school in the morning your role includes teaching ESL in the classroom, running arts & activities in the classroom, and running sports activities during recess time. This generally takes place Monday to Friday. Within school time you will also be responsible for coordinating organized sports activities at the school during recess time which lasts about ½ hr (i.e. soccer game, volleyball game, freeze tag, skipping, dancing etc.)

Your other main role is to also run the library program after school. This is the opportunity for the kids in the village to come to the library (there are few libraries in Peru, and none in poor communities). This is an opportunity for you to read a story, for kids to pick books to read, and participate in organized activities that you create, ranging in arts & crafts, puzzles, games etc. Generally part of the library time can be spent allowing the kid’s free time to explore BUT it should consist also of the volunteer organizing their library time.

When & Who

AYNI welcomes volunteers to apply ASAP.
3-4 months. The school semesters in Peru run from April to July and from August to December. We prefer volunteers to stay for at least a full semester to sustain continuity and build a strong relationship with the children and community. This is not always realistic though, so even if you cannot come exactly at these times but can volunteer for at least three months, we are still interested in your application.

Our Fees

No fees

We require a US $200 deposit, upon which you will get back $100 when you have completed your volunteer time with us. Unlike many other organizations, we do not charge anything from you as a volunteer, but you do pay for your own expenses. You will need to find your own accommodation, but we will help you do so.

AYNI does not receive funds from any government, church, company or other organization. All money thus far has been raised by Margie Orsi, the founder, and the volunteers themselves. So, anything you can do to help raise funds is essential to our survival. However, it isn’t a requirement.

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Ali Maclean
Alto de los Mores, Peru.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

AYNI is a very small grassroots organization based in Piura, Nothern Peru. Margie Orsi, the founder of AYNI, is a high school teacher from Markham, Ontario, Canada. Margie established the organization in 2001. What started out as one individual’s small and innocent attempt at impacting positive change on a tiny part of this planet, quickly turned into an organized group effort of dedicated volunteers from around the world.

The word “Ayni” comes from the language of an old native culture called Aymara based in Peru and Bolivia, and it means ‘today for you, tomorrow for me.’ AYNI is based on the idea of reciprocity: working together as a group for the group, sharing ideas and resources, helping one another and having a sense of responsibility for each other.