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We are a non-profit learning & development centre for underprivileged children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Volunteering Activities

What We Need

English Teacher, creative mind

Today, our children get 2 hours of English every week from our long-term English teacher (UK). Although we see progress, we want to increase our efforts and specifically put more focus on learning while playing.
Supervised and supported by our English teacher, you will have the opportunity to develop on-site activities for the children, giving them the opportunity to practice and develop their English skills in a non-classical way. This can entail crafting, recycling, music, games, having basic group conversations, safe scientific experimenting, etc. In addition, the English Volunteer will participate in off-site activities (skate class, swimming, …) where he/she will stimulate the practice of English.
The children you will be working with range from the age of 6 up to 12.

The following summarizes what the current volunteer role will entail:
• As the children go to public school every day for half a day, the position is part time (50%). You will spend half days at AP and be free the rest of the day. The class timing changes monthly as the children’s public school schedule alternates from morning to afternoon, and vice versa. Working days are Monday to Friday.
• Creating and organizing original activities for the children. Where possible, in a sustainable way so activities can be reused later.
• Stimulating the use of English at all times on-site and teaching English through the activities you organize.
• Participating in special events (for example: off-site activities on Friday, birthday party for the children, etc.)

When & Who

The year through
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration
As we work with children and put their well-being as a priority, the minimum stay is 3 months.

What we Provide

Our Fees

Your main expense will be a place to stay. Minimum budget in Phnom Penh would be 500$ per month to have a comfortable stay.

Contact Person

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Other Ways to Help


1) Fundraising:
As we are fully dependent on support from donations and grant funding, we rely on fundraising initiatives and are continuously searching for grants we can apply to. We hope to fund new programs and extend our impact, but this all depends on the funding we receive.

Interested in helping us? Let us know!

2) Research:
We want to advise and guide other NGOs on reintegration: bringing children from orphanages/residential care centres back into their family and community. Lots of research still needs to be done in this domain. At Aziza's Place we went through this process and so can help a researcher/phd. We also want more research done, to develop best practices and a toolkit to support the other NGOs better in this transition.

Interested? Let us know and we can discuss any form of cooperation.


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