Volunteer with Babul Films Society NGO non-profit

Babul Films Society NGO non-profit

Hyderabad, India, South Asia

Who we are

We spread Environmental Awareness using short videos and social media.

Social Media
Video Editors
Music composers
Graphic designers

Year round

5 days

We provide food, conveyance, and wi-fi. Volunteers from abroad will be provided accommodation.


Social Media Help
Video/Photo Editing
Accounting Assistance
Editing Work
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We use ICT tools extensively for advocacy. We also do traditional methods of generating awareness like events, community screenings etc., We have presence in most of the Social Media platforms. We were finalists in eNGO Challenge South Asia in 2013 and 2015

1809 of 2012

Up to 5 people

we don't charge anything. Any donations are welcome

S-4 Saregama Apts, Shaikpetnala, HYDERABAD Telangana India 500008, Hyderabad, India.



Get your laptops and other electronic devices along

Your Contact Person

: +919618082288

: gangactor