NAIROBI, Kenya, Africa
This is a community project registered with the Kenyan government with a community school project and a women group participating in community out reach activities on HIV/aids and community development activities.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

this community school project has lots to be done with the help of our friends - construction of the school ,modify the feeding programs,paying school teachers .proving books and wash programs to counter diseases in our slums community.
more so fundraising and resource mobilization and teaching a well at the school.

When & Who

since we have many school project challenges as a program we take this opportunity to welcome the volunteers to start working with us immediately our profile is approved.
we need the volunteers like yesterday.
we would love to work with the volunteers till both of us achieve our project goals of sustainability ,however 8 weeks and above will be applicable and more so we are very flexible with the volunteers.

What we Provide


our community project has developed a good rapport with a community guest house where our beloved guests will be accommodated within the community and no transport will be needed.
food will also be provided for the volunteers within the project and this will provide a good opportunity for the volunteers to interact with the children and the community members.
the security of the volunteers will be arranged by the project by involving the local agents from the local community.


Our Fees

No fees

Our project will charge USD 200 per week for the volunteers and this will include accommodation and meals and the difference goes down to support the the programs activities.
WHILE THE USD 50 Reservation fees supports the needy secondary students from the community.
all will be discussed with the volunteers so that we can work together amicably.

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Contact Person

Moses Onderi
P OBOX 310-00518 NAIROBI., NAIROBI, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

we need balls,computers,books,games skits ,pens ,desks,lockers,cloths ,shoes and land fro expansion of the school to accommodate more needy children.
since many come from far in future we shall need a community school van to help in moving and boost security.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

our community is really affected by the HIV/aids and drug abuse and we are also trying to do some about awareness in schools and in the community.
again the school is very packed and congested and something needs to be done.
our community school is for the poor children brought at the center from many referrals by our community service a team and stakeholders.

we are about community development and social change in terms of providing education and community sustainable development in our community.
we work to address poverty ,drug abuse reduction,HIV/aids awareness and youth capacity building which is a very big concern in our community.
we work with less fortunate members of the community in our community programs for social change.
our class rooms are made of iron sheets and we experience poor drainage due to congestion and bad planing from the local authority.
currently we have a total of 350 and 18 teachers.
we really have lots of challenges hence the need to have the international volunteers to help in resource mobilization.