NAIROBI, Kenya, Africa

This is a community project registered with the Kenyan government with a community school project and a women group participating in community out reach activities on HIV/aids and community development activities.

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Moses Onderi
P OBOX 310-00518 NAIROBI., NAIROBI, Kenya.


Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

we are about community development and social change in terms of providing education and community sustainable development in our community.
we work to address poverty ,drug abuse reduction,HIV/aids awareness and youth capacity building which is a very big concern in our community.
we work with less fortunate members of the community in our community programs for social change.
our class rooms are made of iron sheets and we experience poor drainage due to congestion and bad planing from the local authority.
currently we have a total of 350 and 18 teachers.
we really have lots of challenges hence the need to have the international volunteers to help in resource mobilization.

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