Basu Community rural development Organisation

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
We are a non profit community Based organization that serves the less privileged poor people in Kasese district western Uganda .We are a community based organization legally registered .For more information visit our Webpage .

Contact Person

Eugene Bwambale
Basu Community rural development Organisation ,P.O.Box 568,Kasese - Uganda ,East Africa, Kampala, Uganda.

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Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

We are a Community Rural Development Organization (BACORUDO) started in 2009 with 14 members spearheaded by Eugene Bwambale Africano. It is located in Kemango village, Munkunyu sub-county, Kasese district, western Uganda, about 500 km away from Kampala, the Uganda’s capital City.
The following are the projects being carried on :
- Brick Making project is intended for the less privileged youth ,it helps the youth make attain brick making skills and also help them to raise small income to help buy scholastic materials for school,The same project helps the youth to get money for investing in small businesses.It helps the youth in paying some school fees for the youth who are getting difficulties in the payment of tuition .
- Village savings ,it is a project that is currently going .People save the little they get every week and then the same people borrow the money for investing in some small businesses like trading in coffee,Fish etc.The target is that in the future we establish a village Bank .
- Handicraft project .is a project which is intended for women .The women make this using local materials and then they sell them and earn some money ,it requires funds to boost it .
- Health sensitization ,we sensitize people to fight diseases and more especially HIV/Aids .We have a small clinic but we need funding to help us construct a healthy center where our people can be treated .
- Sensitization against the domestic violence ,human rights awareness,women empowerment ,sports for the youth and others are projects that we have and still engage in .
Education - We move from home to home finding out if there are still more children not in school ,buy a few scholastic materials for pupils/students .We would like to construct a nursery school where the children can study from ,we need a well wisher or donor agency to fund this nursery school block construction.
- Agriculture - Our people practice agriculture .The organization has organized seminars to teach the people good practice of Agriculture.We have garlic growing on a small scale.Coffee growing ,some members have growing vanilla ,however we need funding to buy coffee grinding Machine because our people still use rudimentary methods like biting to prepare the coffee for selling which most times it is not easy .We also need funding to invest in seedling development and also more funding to help farmers grow more garlic and vanilla .
We need a volunteer who will help us to train our community in village savings scheme ,entrepreneurship and youth empowerment programs ,if a volunteer to come can be able to handle this ,we appreciate