Volunteer with Believe In Tomorrow Community Empowerment Foundation (Betef)

Believe In Tomorrow Community Empowerment Foundation (Betef)

Masaka, Uganda, Africa
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Believe in tomorrow community empowerment foundation (BETEF) was established in the year 2013 by an initiative of SOCIAL CONCERNING YOUTHS as a VOLUNTARY Non-governmental organization with an aim to uplift and change the life scripts of the poor communities in their home communities.

Online Volunteering

Create/Update our Website
Video/Photo Editing
Grant Writing

Mostly in the help of fundraising and grant writing. The organization is still small. Projects ranging from $500 to $100,000 can be handled well and activities implemented in an accountable way. There is a future strategy for handling big projects. Research, creating of a website, grant writing and video/photo editing are also needed skills to be provided by a willing volunteer for our organization. We don't have any age limit of a volunteer nor discriminate gender, sex, religion, education background and country so long as the volunteer is talented and willing to offer the services for the needing communities.

Contact Person

Masaka Uganda, Masaka, Uganda.


Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

In BETEF we thrive to raise a new generation who become agents for the future generations in our communities through community empowerment initiatives. As such, BETEF welcomes and encourages participation of all social-concerning personalities from all corners of the world.
The organization’s work focuses on affordable Community Based Health care for all, HIV/AIDS Prevention, psychosocial support, Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, Reproductive Health rights and General Community Development.
BETEF partners with various NGOs, Local governments, Faith Based Organizations, Community based organisations, International NGOs and different Policy makers to empower and witness a sustainable social development change in Uganda.

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We at Believe In Tomorrow Community Empowerment Foundation (Betef) would love to hear from you!