Belize Bird Rescue

Belmopan, Belize, Central America
Registered NGO and non-profit. Avian rescue, rehabilitation and release centre for indigenous and migratory birds of Belize with a focus on the liberation of captive wild parrots from the local pet trade

What We Need

When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month
4 weeks
Individuals, Groups

What we Provide


The intern accommodation is a 2-bed house with living room and kitchen. Interns are guaranteed their own bed, but not necessarily their own room. We provide the ingredients to make basic breakfast and lunch, and provide a cooked evening meal (or the ingredients to make one). Transfer to and from the airport is provided.


Our Fees

$30 daily

$30US per day to include accommodation and food

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Rock Farm, Roaring Creek, Cayo District, Belize, Belmopan, Belize.

Other Ways to Help

Pellet parrot food, sunflower seeds, hand-feeding formula, dried chick peas, avian vitamin supplements, old towels and sheets, 1ml and 20ml syringes (no needles), heat pads, parrot toy-making materials (children's craft supplies) give-aways for education programmes like pens, pencils, back-packs, free printing of educational materials,
Shipping address: BF/(Belize Bird Rescue)
3340B Greens Rd STE #450
TX 77032-2369
Phone 832-764-7239

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

We are the only multi-species rescue, rehabilitation and release centre in the country. We work closely with the Government's Forest Department to control the illegal trade in wild-caught parrots. We have been fully operational since 2006

We work with the Government of Belize and other conservation organisation in education and awareness, rehabilitation, rescue & release, monitoring and protection of all avian species. We assist with the enforcement and application of the ongoing captive parrot licence programme. We provide a rehab for release and sanctuary for confiscated and surrendered (ex-pet) parrots. We hand-raise for release endangered yellowhead chicks identified as 'at risk' by conservation organisations at nest sites. We work with all bird species: passerine, waterbirds, raptors, owls and parrots. From the smallest hummingbird to the largest jabiru stork and everything in between. We provide bird-life conservation education in schools and communities with our outreach booth and in-school presentations. We carry out our own rescues, we have an on-site clinic for non-invasive medical care and we grow our own food (animal and vegetable!)