Brigada Médica Humanitaria

WE WANT TO BRING HEALTH AND WELL-BEING EVERYWHEREWith our own resources, we fund humanitarian medical campaigns in the poorest areas of the country. We are a private non-profit organization that offers you the opportunity to change the lives of many people.

Volunteering Activities

Disaster Relief
Social Work
Web Work

What We Need

We need students and health professionals to attend to the vulnerable population of Nuevo Santa Rosa de Cura Morí in Piura.

When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 14 Days
Your as a participant will help local professionals to provide basic medical care to patients, and together to make their care comfortable, fast and safe. We offer you the opportunity to do this Volunteering of Medicine and Health in Peru as part of a break in your career, vacations or during a short break in your studies. As a volunteer you will have the chance to gain valuable work experience with some of the best doctors in Peru. We invite students and professionals in medicine, nutrition, psychology, dentistry, nursing and volunteers in general to learn and reaffirm their commitment and vocation. As part of our Medicine and Health projects in Peru, you will be able to provide, in an organized way, with the community to develop social projects to eradicate poverty. You can participate in workshops and health talks, promote activities that promote public health. These can include talks to raise awareness about important health issues such as nutrition, personal hygiene and the prevention of common diseases. As a volunteer, you will live in a house of the Brigade, close to the workplace. In addition, you will find much to do in Piura and there will be many other volunteers to spend time with. ATENTIONS: Medical office with emergency care for injuries and illnesses that are not life threatening, such as: • Allergies • Colds, cough, and mild fever • Cuts and stitches • Dehydration • Diarrhea • Earache • Eruption • Headache • Sore throat • Sprain or strain • Urinary infections • Vomiting • Bites of animals / insects In addition, psychology, nutrition, dentistry offices START DATE: • Flexible. • Lasts 2 weeks from the first morning in Piura. PROGRAM Duration of 2 weeks FRIDAY • Arrives in Lima. The same day you can travel to Piura. We coordinate by WhatsApp Group SATURDAY • Arrives at Piura airport • We move them to the hostel • Welcome meeting SUNDAY • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on your own • Know Piura MONDAY FRIDAY • Breakfast • Clinic • Lunch with the community • Clinic • Meeting on Public Health, Education • Social Project Development SATURDAY • Optional Tour to Colán (Beach) • Day off • Closing meeting in Piura or Colán SUNDAY • Transfer hostel to the airport in Piura.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

We have rooms in common for men and women. Kitchen, living room, bathroom and dining room

Types: Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

In the record you can indicate the corresponding dietary needs. Normally we provide our Peruvian gastronomy

Hot Water
Hospital Transport

Our Fees

$20 daily
$270 One-time

It is used for the logistics of the volunteer program, buying medicine, disposable material, food and solving the expenses of the stay. In addition to continue building our rural medical center. Payment to the professionals who will be in charge of the student volunteers.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

We pick up and leave the Piura airport. We offer an excursion to the main tourist attractions. A welcome and farewell social gathering

Contact Person

Ernesto Mogrovejo Ramos
Calle Comercio 713, Catacaos - Piura, Perú, Piura, Peru.

Other Ways to support us

Medicine, Medical equipment and disposable material

Additional Info about Us

20 to 50 people

Professional attention to the residents of Nueva Santa Rosa de Cura Mori. Even some emergency. We have doctors and nurses from the area from whom they will learn


A health program of Medical Network & CCSS that offers medical, dental, psychological, nutritional and nursing services to vulnerable populations nationwide.
In the process, our brigadistas are trained by Naval Firefighters, and they go to field to work and to learn first-hand with professionals of the health in the admission of the patient, triage, and pharmacy; As well as observing the evaluation and diagnosis of local pathologies, directing communication strategies for health education.
Our programs last for a week, three days as a volunteer at our base, two days of development project work with local residents and two days of experiential tourism.