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Our vision is built upon two principles: • Knowledge is Hope • Peace is Development. Our main aim is to empower the Cambodian people with the right intellectual and economic tools to attain self-sufficiency.

What We Need

Volunteering at BFT
Before you start volunteering think about what you want to achieve during your time in Cambodia.
What do you have to offer, what do you want to learn and what do you want to achieve?

Previous volunteers have been working in the following fields:

- Nurses and doctors, during field visits they teach the villagers lessons on hygiene, basic healthcare and sexuality they also treat villagers that suffer from diseases and take care of wounds. Practicing in these villages is a real challenge and rewarding experience as conditions are really basic.

- English teachers, our English teachers prepare lessons which include writing and speaking exercises and games. They teach in our centre or out in a village. Pupils are mostly aged between 4 and 16 and very eager to learn.

- Administrative tasks, volunteers are welcome to volunteer at the office too. There is lots to do in the office volunteers can work on marketing plans, funding proposals, project planning etc.

- Supervising Children’s group activities; Administrative work; IT support; Activity planning; Social work and Consulting, Marketing and Public Relations; Maintenance and repairs; Gardening

When & Who

All year round for different projects.
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration
At least 2 weeks

Our Fees


Contact Person

#0280 G7 Slakram village and Sangkat, Siem Reap city and province, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
71% response rate , 93 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to Help

The volunteer can ask us before their arrival.

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