Cambodia Bird Guide Association

We are a Cambodian registered wildlife conservation NGO that works with rural communities and the royal government of Cambodia to preserve the wildlife and natural resources of this country and mainly in the Northern Plains and Tonle Sap Floodplains under MoU with Ministry of Environment of Cambodia

Volunteering Activities

Conservation Work
Social Work
Web Work

What We Need

1) Environmental Education Program Developer:

- Volunteers can help to develop the EEP series for elementary to secondary schools.
- Volunteers can work closely with our guide training manager (GTM) to design the lesson plans and give feedback to teachers.

2) Booking Adviser:

- CBGA is a partnership with communities and government of Cambodia to provide alternative sustainable livelihoods for locals, volunteers can work with our Booking Team, providing training among the team and other technical skills.

3) Marketing and Sales:

- Managing marketing activities and developing strategies.
- Coordinating the marketing campaigns with sale activities.
- Planning and implementing promotional campaigns.
- Preparing online and print marketing campaigns.
- Creating a wide range of different marketing materials.
- Creating and publishing marketing materials.
- Working closely with the Marketing Manager with new product launches.
- Managing and improving lead general campaigns and measuring result.
- Maintaining effective communication with all partners to strengthen relationships and partnerships.
- Seeking new partners both in national and international markets.
- Promoting the products to reach the clients.

4) Editing and Design Volunteer:

- Individuals should have a background in web editing work and social media management.
- Volunteers help the team to improve our website and develop our social media, making posters, videos, and other campaigning materials.

5) Grant writing and Fundraising:

- Grant writing proposal.
- Fundraising event organizer.

6) App Developing:

- Develop an app about birds and conservation program of the organization.

When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 2 Weeks
2 - 4 weeks for a short term, and 4 - 8 weeks for a long term.

What we Provide

Types: Other

Volunteers will spend all costs associated with traveling in/out the country, accommodation, health insurance, meal and the organization will cover the mission cost in/out the country. We are happy to offer a room with AC in our office or advise accommodation and costs of living in Siem Reap and other related areas.

Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water
Air Conditioning

Our Fees

$50 daily

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off

We normally offer the orientation to the tasks before she/he starts either in field or in the office so that she/he can implement her/his tasks confidently.

Contact Person

#0203, Salakamreuk Road, Wat Damnak Village, Salakamreuk Commune, Siem Reap, Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
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Other Ways to support us

Binoculars, telescopes, trekking gears (e.g shoes, uniforms, flash lights etc), field guides on reptiles, birds, mammals, primates etc., computers, printers, office equipments.

We also accept books and pens to support our Environment Education Program that currently offered to 1,500 students inside protected areas.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

We have: admin to cover the admin stuffs, finance, community and guide coordinator who has to deal with relevant stakeholders, reservation officers who fully support all bookings, itineraries and such...


Cambodia is very easy to access so you can apply for visa online before your arrival or apply on arrival. Our office is very close to the center of town so access to food, accommodation, and nightlife is very convenient.

Yes, volunteer has to change to fit our needs such: rainy season we need people to help us on research, training, and other field work while rainy season we need people to support us on documents, reporting, and financing etc.

Cambodian Bird Guide Association is a local wildlife conservation NGO registered with the ministry of Interior of Cambodia. Our story was started by a group of passionate Cambodian conservationists who are committed to helping educate people about the wildness and working to ensure that our planet is protected for future generations and generating sustainable income for local communities.

We also an Ecotourism operator, a specialized running wildlife viewing tours throughout Cambodia. Alongside, rural communities and the government of Cambodia, Community-based EcoTourism (CBET) was initiated. CBGA’s objectives are to help reducing poverty in the rural communities, providing sustainable livelihoods from Ecotourism in return for agreements no wildlife hunting and land conversion. We also generate funds from Ecotourism to support the wildlife conservation projects at the sites we visit. We promote Cambodia’s natural heritages to the world and educate the locals and youths to start protecting their rich biodiversity of wildness engaging in our Environmental Education Program (EEP) and Birder Club.

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