Cambodia Human Rights Task Forces (CHRTF)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, South East Asia
CHRTF is fight against illegal logging and timber business in Cambodia
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Up to 5 people

Forest and Environment Hero 2016

Cambodia Human Rights Task Forces observe and monitor Business and Investment Projects operated by tycoon and high ranking officials in Cambodia
We sacrificed and committed our voluntary work fighting against illegal logging, illegal land concession, illegal mining concession, forest concession and other development project, the abuse of human rights, labor rights, and racial discrimination and against social injustice and corruption issues in Cambodia by peace and non-violent means through people movement and social media.
We wish to meet Cambodian people living in reality of dignity, peace, respect human rights, democracy, equality of access and use of natural resources between the poor and rich, promote labor rights to garment worker, fair and just business and investment, rule of law, social justice and transparency.

Cambodian people stand up altogether to enjoy the real rights of ownership to natural resources, owner of country’s fate, living condition is improved.

Make people work together fight for positive change by people movement by the peace and non-violent ways.

-Fight for protection of land, forest, mines, wildlife, biodiversity and other natural resources from private companies

-Fight for equal, fair and just in business and investment

-Fight for improve living condition of workers

-Fight for justice and transparency


Build network by social media
Collect, feed, share and post the information of social issues on webpage and group of social media.
Investigate, research and conduct fact finding business and investment project of private companies licensed by government over land, forest, mining concession and other development project
Monitor and observe garment factories with the aim to promote labor rights
Report writing and publication to public by social media for awareness of illegitimacy of private companies
People empowerment by conduct meeting and workshop for grassroots communities
Organize advocacy and campaign to engage people to work together for positive change
Convince government to change behavior, practice and policy improving to respect rights and enforce law implementation