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Cambodian Disabled People’s Organization (CDPO) was established in 1994 as a movement of Cambodians with disability. CDPO is a membership based, non-government organization, representing persons with disabilities in Cambodia, becoming “The voice of persons with disabilities in Cambodia”. CDPO has ations by built a national network of member DPOs. CDPO represents DPOs nationally and advocates for their rights and interests, helping to build their rights awareness and capacity towards achieving a life with dignity for persons with disabilities.
Persons with diverse disabilities participate fully and equality in society and live with dignity.
CDPO is an organization of persons with disabilities whose mission is to:
 Represent the voice of persons with diverse disability, including women and children and persons of ethnic minorities with disability.
 Develop networks that promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities to bring about their full participation and equality in society to live with dignity.
 Monitor and encourage the government and relevant stakeholders to implement the Law on the Protection and the Promotion of the Rights of Persons with disabilities, and relevant sub-decrees, Prakas, government policies relevant to the rights of persons with disabilities, and United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in order that the rights of persons with disabilities are realized.
Transparency and Accountability- we believe in being open and honest about our processes and procedures and our finances and that this information is provided internally as well as externally to our beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

Rights Based Approach- Persons with disabilities have the right to be heard and should be able to enjoy civil, political, social and cultural rights. CDPO promotes the participation of persons with disabilities in all types of activities in society and one voice for persons with disabilities in the public sector. CDPO creates activities for persons with disabilities to participate in political, economic, social, cultural, social welfare, education and decision making activities.
Respect & Inclusivity
We respect human rights of all people (disability, non-disability, minority ethnic groups) as detailed in human rights policies, legislation, convention and guidelines of national government and the UN. CDPO understands about disability inclusive strategies in society and provides equal opportunity by creating activities and employment opportunities within CDPO for persons with disabilities. CDPO plays a role in lobbying with relevant stakeholders and policy developers to include persons with disabilities into development.
One voice of persons with disabilities
Persons with diverse disability are not a homogenous group as they have different needs specific to the types of disability and have different opinions as individuals. CDPO plays a role by representing the rights of persons with diverse disability and dialoguing with diverse disability groups to ensure that their voices are heard.
Partnership and Collaboration
We collaborate with NGOs, INGOs, institutions and agencies, in the interests of persons with disabilities.
CDPO works toward quality of lives of persons with disabilities of all types all sexes all ages, from different background and geographical areas of Cambodia.
CDPO represents 65 Disabled People’s Organizations from all Provinces in Cambodia.