CamConscious Tourism

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, South East Asia
CamConscious is a Cambodian-based initiative of international NGO solely focused on the development of sustainable tourism in Cambodia.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

CamConscious Tourism, a non profit organisation, is looking for a English Language and Tourism Product Development Volunteer (for a minimum of 2-6 month) who shares our passion for wildlife and biodiversity protection and wants to support the capacity building of community based tourism projects. Join us if you want a truly immersive volunteering experience as part of a fun, supportive and passionate team!
As a volunteer you will be helping to build the capacity of one of the local projects in rural Cambodia.

This role is suitable for some one who is passionate about getting to know people and local communities, as during your placement you will live in one of the homestays within the project, with a local family.

Your will work towards the following goals:
• Improve levels of basic English skills for members of the organizing committee, local tour guides and homestay hosts
• Improve the development of appropriate tourism products
• Create opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and learning

Most of the sites offer basic services and need some assistance in developing unique experiences they could offer to their visitors, as well as materials/tools that would help them to bridge the language gap. Therefore, 50% of your time will be spent helping to develop the services at the site. This work will be negotiated, and can to tailored to meet your interests.

Some examples of such a work are:
• Teaching English language classes to local people
• Develop local area map for tourists - with local stories, people’s profiles
• Develop local cookbook & support homestays to set up cooking lessons
• Develop "show and tell cards" - helping to facilitate communication between tourists and homestay hosts
• Help to map out cycling routes in the area and produce leaflet/cycling map
• Develop GPS map with point of interests in the community

When & Who

Flexible start - September /October 2017

Our Fees

No fees

• You should budget around $300-400 per month for you accommodation and food expenses
• Travel and health insurance
• Cost of flights
• Visas – apx. $70 for 3 months or $130 for 6 months
• Bicycle – bring your own bike, or budget $50-60 for basic second-hand bike/ $100-200 for a good quality second-hand mountain bike

• Administrative fees to CamConscious - $100 per month (suggested donation). We do not want to charge volunteers excessive fees, and do not want someone’s socioeconomic status to be a barrier to volunteering. However, we do want to make sure that volunteers are appropriately supported, their placement makes impact and improves people’s lives. In order for us to do that, we want to hire a Cambodian employee to support our Capacity building programme for community based tourism projects. If you have a limited funds, we will support you in developing fundraising strategies to meet this cost if possible.

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Contact Person

Street 306 #17, Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

CamConscious is a Cambodian-based international NGO solely focused on the development of sustainable tourism in Cambodia. We do not run our own eco-tourism sites or home-stay schemes, instead we focus on building the capacity of the sector and bring people together to achieve a greater impact for local communities and the environment. Our organisation strongly believes that sustainable tourism can be used as an effective tool for sustainable development. A tool that provides alternative livelihoods through sustainable community based tourism projects that increase income and reduce poverty for poor rural communities - especially for women and young people.

Our Objectives are:
Promote sustainable eco-tourism and community based tourism in Cambodia
Act as an information platform for local and international tourists and provide visitors with comprehensive information about ecotourism and community based tourism in Cambodia, and by doing so, help visitors to make informed choices about their planned visit in order to minimise the negative impact of tourism.
Build the capacity of individuals, local communities, CBO and NGOs to in order to build financially viable and sustainable models of eco-tourism and community based tourism in Cambodia.