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Caputo Children´s Fund

Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America

CAPUTO CHILDREN´S FUND Is an International Charitable and Social Welfare Entity, nonprofit, apolitical, non-religious and independent Non Governmental Organization (NGO), dedicated to provide humanitarian assistance to people with extreme poverty and where inevitability necessity of food, education,

Our programs focus on providing food, medical assistance, emergency relief, and creating sustainable development.

Since 1992, we have provided food, clothing, medical assistance, and educational opportunities to the street children, homeless elderly people and needy families of Guatemala City. Thousands of young children are forced to work in the dangerous firework industry, risking their lives and health to make money for their impoverished families.

We also provide assistance to schools, and other charitable groups in these regions.

A key goal is to help families in need move past needing help and into becoming self-sufficient members of their community. Through long-term, self-help development programs funded by grants and individual donors, thousands of children in countries around the world will increase their ability to be self-sufficient by learning and applying new, marketable skills.

Our Activities

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Whether you will be teaching them in a makeshift classroom in the slums, assisting them at school, playing sports with them, providing medical care, helping them to be self-sufficient, or just making them laugh, there are endless ways to help.

during all year
no minimum duration

What We Provide

We cannot help with meals but perhaps with some accommodation dependending the area of the city. We need help, there are too many children to be supported.

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Minimum Stay

1 or more weeks

Staff Size

5 to 10 people


Only if volunteer wishes to donate some cash to help buying food for children

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Our Mission is in working with the poor, oppressed, suffering Street Children and all abandoned children. Caputo Children´s Fund is committed to building long-term community benefits for the street children of Guatemala City. Humanitarian efforts are our vision is to bring relief to the street children and elderly people where it is needed most.
Without the nutrients required for basic physical development, these children will never grow as they should, and many will die before their fifth birthday. This is the bleak reality for many people. But there is hope.

One of the poorest settlement section of the city of Guatemala we feed about 35 children per day, the problem we have no facility and need to build an equiped kitchen.
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13 Ave a 15-73 zona 11, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

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Food, medicines, cloths

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