Children Care Development Organization (CCDO)

Iringa, Tanzania, Africa
Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) is a non profit organization working in Tanzania Mainland. CCDO it was established in 2010 and got registered in 13rd April 2010. CCDO operates in Southern Highlands of Iringa and Njombe Regions in Tanzania.

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Majaliwa Mbogella
P.O.Box 1751 Kihesa-Iringa, Tanzania/East Africa, Iringa, Tanzania.
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Management and administration, project writing and fundraising, teaching, to care child, supervision and school construction activities. Conducting meetings with local communities including the issues of training tour guide.

CCDO is a resource organization registered with the Government of Tanzania to operate as a national NGO in accordance with its governing Constitution. It provides high quality technical and management support to the institutions/concerns working in development sectors primarily targeting poor and underprivileged people with a mission statement to strengthen local community competency to the promotion of education, primary health care and development to deprived members of the societies through capacity building, provision of handcraft industries and vocational training to impaired children, poverty reduction, promoting human rights and advocacy skills, community mobilization skills, and mitigation of the socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS in selected communities in Tanzania.
Our vision is to promote the standards of living in misery rural households improved through self-reliant participatory efforts of members of those households.
CCDO has major areas of work: Supporting community based adaptation initiatives to cope with the adverse effects of climate change and environmental protection, increasing women’s awareness on good governance in Tanzania, reducing youth poverty through practical ICT solutions, supporting Tanzanian youth for employability training through Vocational Training Skills, tree planting for biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement through cultural heritage and tourism promotion, research, monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Capacity Building, women empowerment through VICOBA formation.
Recent activities of CCDO focused on creating an enabling environment for the youth of Tanzania so that they can be self - dependent, contribute to the development of the area and be an active participant in development effort of the nation.
Specific activities are to inculcate entrepreneurial skills in the youth through the establishment of most vulnerable children (street children) sports 4 employability and enterprise recreation centre , to make youth self-employed, and initiate the youth to be engaged in sporting activities, tree planting and environmental conservation, small business (micro-credit revolving fund), training in entrepreneurial skills, vocational skills training (tailoring & embroidery, carpentry, welding, motor mechanics, masonry and horticultural agribusiness skills), a didactic cinema, ICT enterprises and other similar innovative and creative projects.