Mar del Plata, Argentina, South America
Our goal is to assist children, adolescents and young people through school programs, social and labor inclusion through sport as tool. Also seeking to strengthen social organizations linked to CEAS to achieve a collective reality powerful enough to transform our neighborhoods.

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San Francisco de Asís 7297 - Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires - Argentina, Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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We encourage educational inclusion of adolescents and young people with fewer opportunities. Generating stimulus through programs of labor inclusion. Developing and encouraging the sport, preferably football and hockey, as tools of socialization. Also aiming to strengthen and to expand the capabilities and resources of social organizations working with adolescents and youth.

Ongoing Projects:

#1 School Sports:

Objective: To provide opportunities of training for children and young people, based on the sport and values implicit leading the practice.

a) Sport (football and surfing)
b) School Support Centers
c) Cultural Workshops
d) Labor Inclusion

#2 Young Development

Objective: To promote employment opportunities for young people with higher socioeconomic disadvantages, contributing to their social inclusion.

a) Motivation workshops and Guidance
b) skills training workshops
c) Business Contacts

#3 Technical Assistance to Organizations

Objective: To train and legally assist civil society organizations (CSOs) in relation to the fundacional baseline and post your institutional strengthening.

a) Workshops
b) Link to social networks
c) Financial assistance

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