Center for Conflict Resolution (CECORE)

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
CECORE was founded more than 20 years ago by a number of Ugandans aspiring to promote alternative and creative means of preventing, managing, and resolving conflict.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

Senior Financial Management Systems Advisor

Come join the Center for Conflict Resolution (CECORE) in Uganda as a volunteer Senior Finance Advisor where you can make a significant and meaningful contribution to a local organisation in the process of rejuvenation and expansion. Explore the welcoming and diverse Ugandan culture while assisting a peacebuilding NGO in becoming more financially robust and impactful.

As a volunteer, you will:
 Assess and understand the current organisational financial systems and needs
 Develop a new finance policy in collaboration with the accountant
 Work with the accountant to understand and implement the new policy
 Assist management and program staff in understanding the new policy
 Support capacity building in developing budgets

Essential academic qualifications:
 Relevant university degree in business, finance, accounting or other relevant fields
 CPA, CMA or other relevant professional certification preferred

Essential professional and personal requirements:
 Minimum 10 years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, financial management and relevant policy development
 Ability to adapt and apply business knowledge and techniques to a civil society organization
 Exceptional interpersonal skills, demonstrating the ability to gain the confidence and respect of senior staff and team members
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills

When & Who

August 2017
4 weeks

What we Provide


Our Fees

No fees

Travel to and from Uganda, accommodation and visa expenses

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Contact Person

P.O. Box 5211, Kampala, Uganda.

Other Ways to support us

External hard drives
VHS to digital converter

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

CECORE’s purpose is to empower individual women and men, communities, organizations and institutions to transform conflict effectively by applying alternative and creative means in order to promote a culture of active tolerance and peace.

We commit to work with people, especially – but not only – in areas where conflict is present or peace is threatened, to awaken and develop their awareness that peace is within their grasp; to empower them with the knowledge and skills relevant to their situation; and to facilitate conflict prevention, resolution and transformation.

Our areas of expertise include peacebuidling, conflict sensitivity, knowledge building, advocacy and media.