Volunteer with Centre for Children

Centre for Children

Blantyre, Malawi, Africa

We existing to protect,support and promote the rights of children and youths in Malawi

What We Need

Teaching in our Child care centres
Writing proposals for fundraising and partnership development
Training of Young people in Development work and human rights
Health care support in our children wih disabilities

When & Who

April 2018
They can stay as long as they finish their mission
No video

What we Provide

Language classes
Tour to lakes,mountains and game reserves

Our Fees


The fees may be paid direct to organisation account upon request of details using wire transfer

Contact Person

H.E Amb Moses Busher
P.O.Box 5821,Limbe,Blantyre, Blantyre, Malawi.

Other Ways to Help


We need volunteers who are capable of connecting our organisation to other funders,foundations and organisations that can support our work in Malawi. Other organisations may not be donors but we can partiner on joint projects in Malawi.

Food stuffs

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

CEAF Malawi aims at the pursuit of the following in Malawi: Empower Children , and reduce their vulnerability, exploitation and abuse in rural areas; Engaging proper child friendly HIV/AIDS services, reduction of crime and prostitution amongst youth; combat environmental threats; reduce conflict & train youth to promote social equality, democracy & human rights with a view to have a future Malawian leadership with a conscience.

CEAF Malawi therefore creates and maintain a cohesive Malawian Community and, enhancing a child friendly Malawi.


“CEAF Malawi works with International and Malawian organizations, parents, leaders and practitioners working with children within Chikwawa and through out the country to raise awareness and educate everyone about issues affecting the welfare of children so we can all act to protect them from abuse and harm”

CEAF Malawi shall exist as an advocacy organisation of all children in Malawi . It is an organisation where children and young people’ rights will be advocated for, interact, network and share ideas, whilst representing the voice of the vulnerable child.

CEAF Malawi shall be the vindication that children can be advocates for democracy, peace and human rights. It will present to the child, the importance of understanding the underlying reasons behind child exploitation and offer the best solutions to avoid the growing exploitation of children in Malawi .

Centre for Children's Affairs Malawi works with families that have children with disabilities and girls that droped out of schoold due to poverty or child marriage we established schools where kids under 5 years learn called ECD centres.

Our care givers / volunteers cares the children from morning to afternoon,and other children on home based care our health workers,government extension workers supports the children from their homes.Especially those who can not manage to walk to the centres whom their dissability is extreme.


What are you waiting for?

We at Centre for Children would love to hear from you!