Centre for Environmental Research and Policy Analysis -CERPA

Accra, Ghana, Africa
Our mission is to promote environmental welfare and sustainability through research, education, participation, and innovation

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You are welcome to support our organization to implement our projects in communities which are affected by climate change, and by the negative effects of illegal mining in Ghana. You are also welcome to join our research team which report on annually, the environmental concerns among the Ghanaian public as a way to aggregate public views to positively influence public policies. Again, you can support us to raise funds to support these activities.

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The Centre for Environmental Research and Policy Analysis (CERPA) is an environmentally focused non-governmental organization established in Ghana in 2015. We have a mission to promote environmental welfare and sustainability through research, education, participation, and innovation. The organization is registered with Ghana’s Registrar General’s Department with official reference codes CG192472015 and C0005740665. Our Standardized office is occupied by two regular staff members and five volunteers who are committed to promoting the mission of the organization. Since our establishment in 2015, we have exhibited a strong commitment to community and local environmental improvement by initiating projects to promote this wealthy course. For example, in collaboration with Environmental, Sanitation, and Health Directorate of the Ga East Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, CERPA has successfully carried out environmental and sanitation education projects in Haatso, Taifa, and Dome local communities. These projects have helped establish environmental concern associations (Environmental Concerned Clubs) in these communities to ensure that the community members become stewards of their environment. In addition, these projects have helped bring some significant improvement in the sanitation situation in these considerably urban poor communities. By raising their concerns and needs at the assembly level, the authorities have become proactive in providing for these communities, the necessary logistic for an improved sanitation. Also, CERPA has since October 2015 embark on its conservation project “One-Child, One-Tree” with objectives to enhance ecosystem preservation by planting trees in communities and also to inculcate into the Ghanaian youth, a sense of environmental ownership and preparedness to protect the environment at all times through education. We are currently undertaking this project with two public basic schools “Papao Community Basic School and Calvary Presbyterian Basic School” both of which are in the Haatso local community. With technical advice and support from the Forestry Commission of Ghana, the One-Child, One-Tree project has seen a remarkable social and community acceptance so far and CERPA wishes to continue this project in Manso local community in the coming year (2017) whiles maintaining and keeping ties with Haatso local community. As an organization, we look forward to improving our capabilities, enhance our image and above all be sustained, in order to become triumphant in our search for an improved and sustainable environment for humanity and other species. We, therefore, continue to put strategic measures in place to enhance our image whiles improving performance.